Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Teddy No, NO!! Teddy Time Out!!!

Lately Avalyn has been going to bed with three stuffed animals. Her baby, teddy, and lama. And apparently she has vivid memories of her consequences when she is being naughty because she is repeating it all to her three little lovies.

Last night I stood at her door and heard her repeatedly say to her teddy in the utmost authoritative mockery of me: "Teddy Time OUT!! Teddy NO, NO!! Teddy sit down NOW. Bottom Down. Teddy No, NO.

It sure was cute and apparently teddy is the black sheep of the heard. :)


Katie said...

aw! I love these little stories! I'm just glad she's not screaming for Aunt KK to come and get her. That broke my heart, but also made me happy that she was calling for me.

AmydeVallejo said...

So cute!!