Saturday, February 28, 2009

Aunt Laura's Visit

Avalyn loved hanging out with Laura. We went shopping, ate lunch, and I even got to nap with Aunt Laura. She made me smile and I loved playing games with her. Here are some of the pictures Aunt Laura took.

Gaither With Grandma

Last Wednesday we went to the Gaither with Grandma. Avalyn loved looking around the store at all of the bright colors. We had lunch and raspberry cake for desert. After we ate we looked around the shop. After the Gaither we went back to grandma's house.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Avalyn loves to growl. It is the cutest thing. In this video Avalyn and Marcus are "talking" back and forth.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rolling Over

Avalyn has been rolling over for a couple weeks now. She rolls over three times in this video.

Playing With Her Toys

Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Avalyn's Room

We have been slowly decorating Avalyn's room. This week Marcus put up her new chandelier. It looks so cute! I think that we are going to paint her room this weekend and make curtains for her as soon as I get the material I have been looking for. A couple weeks ago I made the Avalyn name. Here is a peek at what her room looks like.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life's a box of Chocolate

I just laid Avalyn down to play with her toys and I laugh because I haven't even been awake for an hour and I already have been thrown up on...but hey that's the beauty of being a mom right? :)

Now yesterday was like something you would of seen in a movie. It all started out like a typical day...wake Avalyn up, feed her, change her, read her "Good Morning Book," and lay her down to play with her toys.

After I laid her down to play I went down stairs to do laundry and water was seeping in from three of the four corners of the house. I quickly try to do damage control and move boxes, golf clubs, and Christmas decorations out of the water. Satisfied, I head back up stairs and pray that the rain will stop pouring down.

Fast-forward to dinner time...I just started to brown some ground beef and I noticed something that sounded like a waterfall. That's right, one of the three basement corners decided that it wanted to out do the other two corners and turn into a waterfall. The cracks in the wall literally had streams of water shooting out of them like a peeing man. I grabbed a plastic bowl and put it under one of the streams. I figured I would just empty the bowl when it got full, right? And I head back up stairs to the fire alarm screaming FIRE FIRE FIRE. I guess in the midst of things I forgot that I left the meat on the stove and smoke has overtaken the house. So now I have a baby crying, a man screaming FIRE FIRE FIRE, meat burning, and a crack in the basement that thinks it should pee on my basement floor. So I decided to pick up Avalyn right after I disabled the screaming fire alarm, and stir the ground beef. The water in the basement would have to wait till Marcus get home.

So I just got done feeding Avalyn and we headed down the stairs to take a peek at the water and she started coughing and coughing...and all of a sudden she throws up. Not once but three times. So here we are standing on the steps and I have throw up going down my pants, in my underwear, my bra, two shirts, and all over poor little Avalyn. So I stay still for another minute to let the throw up drip off of me and we head up stairs to take a shower. At this point in time I am almost to tears and overwhelmed. I don't think that I could handle another thing and I cry out to God.

After we got out of the shower and changed into warm clean clothes, we headed down stairs and I kid you not...the down pour of rain stopped and the sun was shining bright!!! I felt like that sunshine was just for us.

So at this point in time I feel recharged and we go to the kitchen to finish our burnt dinner. Right after I ate, Marcus got home and tried to do more damage control in the basement. We decided that we needed a wet vac so he headed off to Lowes in the POURING RAIN. Yep, that's right it started to down pour AGAIN. At this point in time, I feel like I should fill you in on the fact that our windshield wipers don't work right now so he couldn't see a thing while driving. He gets to Lowes and little does he know but when he got out of the SUV he dropped his phone on the ground.

So after about an hour he gets back home and we can't find his phone but decide to take care of the basement before retracing his steps back to Lowes.

Around 9:45 he headed back up stairs after he wet vac'd up as much water as he could. At this point in time Avalyn is sleeping and I am finally relaxing and watching LOST. Marcus heads back out in the rain and back to Lowes. He found his phone in the parking lot on the sopping pavement.

After he got back home...and thank God that it was after Lost was over...the neighborhood blacked out. Thats right, we lost our what does this mean to us??? Yep, the sump pump will not be pumping. But hey, what can we we grab our one candle and go to bed.

Looking back...I can now laugh...but yesterday...oh wouldn't want to be around me.